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The right way to wash your face in a skincare routine

Many believe that you need to only wash your face to remove makeup or when it looks dirty. Removing makeup, dirt, and grime from the day will help prepare the skin for your skincare regimen, as well as support the skin in its overnight regeneration and renewal processes. Some people think that washing the face is so simple. For years, I would just throw water on it, use some face wash or soap, dab it off with a hand towel and think that’s it.

After getting into a skincare routine, it is supposed to be a simple step in the skincare routine is washing the face. But over the period of time, I realised that none of my high- end products is not working. At this point, I must know: what is the reason behind it? And finally, I doubted Am I cleaning my face right?

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Right way to wash your face in skincare routine

Rules to be followed while cleaning the face:

  • The first step is to wash your hands.

  • The second step is to remove all your make up.

  • Use drinking water/ rice water for washing your face.

  • Use micellar water/ cleansing oil to remove the make-up. And follow with the gentle cleanser/face wash.

  • Don’t use silicon brushes as it damages the skin elasticity and makes the skin rough and dry.

  • Avoid using scrub frequently.

  • Use a clean and soft towel to pat dry.

  • It’s recommended you to wash your face twice daily.

  • Select the cleanser according to your skin types.

  • For dry skin, use a creamy cleanser.

  • For acne-prone skin use salicylic acid/benzoyl peroxide cleanser to control acne.

  • Use cleansers which are soap-free.

  • Hot water strips away natural oils and damages the skin faster, so stick to a lukewarm or room temperature water.

  • Don’t use facial wipes instead of face wash. Use facial wipes to quickly remove the makeup.

  • Exfoliating too much can dry out or irritate your skin. So do once a week either by physical or chemical exfoliation.

  • Don’t use soap in the face as it can alter the pH balance of the skin.

  • Avoid using harsh, perfumed cleansers.

  • Use a separate clean towel for face drying.

  • For clogged pores, try the double-cleansing method. First with micellar water/cleansing balm/cleansing oil and second with face wash /cleanser.

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