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Summer hacks for skin and hair

Increase in temperatures during the summer months, combined with humidity and heat; this makes oily skin appear more oily and dry skin look rough and patchy. The intensity of the sun's rays causes tanning by producing more melanin pigments. While everyone is aware that more melanin means darker skin, few relate sunburned skin with ageing and cancer. The heat can also cause more pores to open, which can get clogged with dirt and oil, trapping bacteria, causing Acne, pimples, and blemishes on the face.

Winter Hacks for skin and hair

  • Change to refreshing face wash or gel cleanser and toner.

  • Include antioxidants in your Skin Care Routine.

  • Exfoliate from head to toe regularly for smoother skin.

  • Spritz on the facial mist.

  • Apply Sunscreen frequently. Don't forget to apply it in the hands and feet.

  • Reduce Makeup.

  • Change to water-based moisturizer.

  • Freeze aloe vera gel to soothe sunburn.

  • Use deodorant.

  • Keep products in the fridge.

  • Use blotting paper to soak up excess oil.

  • Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated.

  • Do not forget to take care of feet.

  • Double cleanse the hair.

  • Dry your hair with a t-shirt to reduce frizz.

  • Wear a big hat to protect from sun rays.

  • Avoid silicone hair products.

  • Protect your skin by wearing breathable cotton clothes.

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