Skincare Mistakes or DON'Ts:

Most of us have a skincare routine, but you have to know the common skincare mistakes that

harm your skin unknowingly. Let's find out.

  • Don't apply bath soap on your face as the Ph level of our body and face are different.

  • Use a double cleansing method instead of simple face wash as it helps to dissolve dirt, grime, impurities and makeup, gently clearing the skin.

  • Don't Scrub every day as it will strip all the natural oils from the skin.

  • Avoid chemical peeling frequently as it removes the upper layers of the skin.

  • Using face mist instead of toner, they serve for different purposes.

  • Don't skip serum; it takes you to the next level in the skincare routine.

Skincare Mistakes

  • Don't apply Vitamin C and Retinol in the morning.

  • Don't use old retinol and vitamin C serum that will damage the skin texture.

  • Applying vitamin C without Sunscreen will damage the skin cells.

  • Don't apply body lotion to your face as it is much more potent and capable of harming the face.

  • Apply Sunscreen either indoors or outdoors. Apply it every 30-40 minutes.

  • Avoid using sheet masks and face mask for a longer time.

  • Don't ignore skincare in the neck area.

  • There is no need to use all the 10 step skincare routines.

  • Ignoring lip balm in the Skincare Routine.

  • Don't use hot water for the face as it strips of natural oils.

  • Don’t sleep with makeup because it harms the skin.

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