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Can I use face mist instead of toner or vice-versa?

Face mist

Face mist hydrates and moisturizes skin and provides nourishment. It can even add a hint of freshness to your makeup.Face mist not only cools down and refreshes skin, but also revitalizes it.

How to use?

Hold the bottle of face mist about 4-5 inches away from face and spray 2-3 times. Wait until it gets absorbed into the skin.

Face toner

Toners are used to shrink pores and to bring skin pH "back in line" after the cleansing. It purifies skin to make it smooth, radiant, youthful, firm and bright. Toner helps to remove dirt, traces of oil and makeup, as well as controls acne and helps to remove dead skin cells.

Acids and its benefits
Difference between face mist and face toner

How to use?

Put a small amount on a cotton pad and gently pat across the face (do not rub the toner across the face). Let it air-dry and follow-up with moisturizer. When used regularly, you will get younger looking, soft and supple skin.


Spraying your face mist across face won't have the same impact as using a toner before you moisturize. Mainly, toners clean your skin and prepare it for moisturization, whereas face mists instantly and effortlessly freshen you up at any time of the day. As you can see, they serve different purposes.

Final verdict, we cannot use face mist as a toner.

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