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Benefits of Vitamin C in Skincare Routine

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

When vitamin C added to your Skincare routine, it provides an even out skin tone, protecting skin from pollution, improving hydration, and keeping the skin looks younger and flawless.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant ingredient which helps to boost the collagen production of the skin and helps to reduce signs of ageing by repairing the damage done by free radicals and the sun. It can even help to protect against future damage. It promotes brighter and firmer skin, reduces fine lines, sagging and wrinkles, and a more even skin tone. It works by removing dead skin cells and reduces dryness by increasing moisture.

Vitamin C in Skincare

Finally, it can be used both morning and night. The issues associated with vitamin C include unstable, oxidation and irritation, which means that when its exposure to air and light can ultimately make it less effective. Oxidation causes vitamin C to lose its potency. We can identify that it’s oxidised when it turns brownish or yellow colour. If it changes the colour, please do not use it.

If you want to get the good results, then buy only those that are packaged in opaque tubes, air-tight bottles or pump containers so that the ingredients remain stable after you start using the product. So use it in the night Skincare routine followed by a moisturizer. Fortunately, you only need a few drops for each application.

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