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Face Pack/Sheet Mask

A face pack is a cosmetic product spread over the face and left for some time to improve the condition of the skin. Face pack are the perfect skin care treatment for skin care concerns. It helps to hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help to improve the appearance of your pores. It is an excellent way to remove impurities.


There is a  difference between a face pack and a face mask. ... Face packs show instant results, and it removes the impurities, and remove the dead skin.


Sheet masks are face-shaped sheet soaked in a solution called serum.  The sheet mask is used once, and it is convenient and easy to use. Serum in the sheet mask to hydrate and nourish the skin. First, cleanse your face to remove all excess dirt, oil, and impurities and use sheet mask/face pack for plump and glowing skin.

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